For the sake of convenience, Erle uses interact transfer for payment for clinical services. We find this method of payment very reliable and secure. Invoicing is sent to you by e-mail allowing you to maintain a record of what you paid and when you paid it that is traceable and reliable. This makes our financial dealings with you transparent and secure. All clinical services whether individual, family or couple’s therapy is $94.50 per 50 minute session. All phone consultation is also $94.50 per 50 minute session. Home visits are $135.00 per 50 minute session. This includes the cost of travel time. Please make arrangements with Erle while you are online with him for payment arrangements. Normally this is done prior to your session.
Erle Jaeger 778.281.1287 Email
Phone: 778.281.1287  Email:

Phone: 778.281.1287